Monika Putelbergier photography


I am a street photographer who lives through pictures. I am a storyteller whose medium tells a thousand words. I am passionate, I am a perfectionist.


I am Monika.


The streets I walk; the food I eat; the faces I meet. Fleeting glimpses, forever captured. Whether snapping a portrait or a cake stand, my work bears the same distinctive hallmarks: natural light, room to breathe, minimal post production.

I let my subjects tell their story: my role is simply to ensure that every last detail is faithfully captured by my inquisitive lens.


As a trained chef, food has always inspired me. When I made the switch to photography, shortly after arriving in Scotland, it was natural that food would remain a focal point.


Four years after leaving Poland with a Philosophy degree, and I find myself in the fortunate position of pursuing my true passion. Everywhere I travel – be it the next street or the next glen – I carry my camera. It is as much a part of me as my right arm – and just as indispensable. Food. Portrait. Street. Whatever your photographic needs, I am here to help.


I am Monika Putelbergier


PHONE: 077 156 325 19